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Sunday, 5 August 2012

Dil me rawad zy dastam.Persian Poetry.

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Dil me rawad zy dastam.
A very big name in Persian poetry Hafiz shirazi (R.A). The elderly and the very great Sufi poet.He left a huge collection of books in poetry and wisdom for us. Watch below the video in full view of his wisdom. Qawwal Farid Ayaz which is presented in a beautiful way. With Urdu translation From Asid Sultani Khadim Darbar-e-Sultani.(Karachi)

Saturday, 28 July 2012

Manam Ke Gosha-e-Maikhana Khanqah-e-Man Ast.Persian poetry

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Manam Ke Gosha-e-Maikhana Khanqah-e-Man Ast
A beautiful sofiana kalam in farsi From Persian poetry. written by Hzrat Hafiz Shirazi (R.A). Presented by Bakhshi slamat qawal.With Urdu translation.From Asad Sutani Khadim Darbar-e-Sultani  

Thursday, 21 June 2012

Ya Sahib-Al-Jamal wa ya sayyad-ul Bashar(with Translation)

Ya Sahib-Al-Jamal wa ya sayyad-ul Bashar.
A world famous  Naatia Kalam.Hafiz Shirazi (R.A) is the writer of this Great Naat.Sabri brothers and party sang it in the nicest style.With Urdu translation. Please watch it with full respect and In silence۔ Because This is the definition of Hazrat Mohammad (Peace be upon him).


Friday, 15 June 2012

Ba har sou jalwa-e-deldaar deedam.Persian poetry

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Ba har sou jalwa-e-deldaar deedam
The writer of this kalam is Hazrat sheikh sadi (R.A). This Kalam taken from their Persian poetry. He says my beloved is everywhere Representation.Monshi Raziuddin Qawwal presented this kalam with lovely style. Come on watch the below video and know that, what is the spirituality?

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